Welcome to my site.

The psychology of human experience fascinates me, how we
are changed by our interaction with the world and the world is
changed by our active participation. I have traveled to over
seventy countries and am continuously amazed by the wealth
of diversity of life and experience within our world.

Being the recipient of an essentially classical education, my
youth was filled with the tales And heroics of myth.  Sometime
in college, I became fascinated with Greek philosophy.  Then,
when I set foot in Greece for the first time, I was infected with
physical And psychic wanderlust.   With Pausanias in hand, I
wandered the lands of omens And oracles, dreams And
daemons, ecstasy And enthusiasm, of a world long gone And
tantalizingly close.   I drank from the Castalian  Spring And
listened at Dodonna.  I wandered Epheseus And Egypt and
finally came upon Eleusis.

This website is created to examine this gift of the Eleusinian
Mysteries, to compile all extant classical references to the
Mysteries, and  to open a portal to a sense of wonder, to be
open to the Mystery of life.

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email with your corrections, additions, or  reflections.  


Todd Swanson
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